Matt Mitchell capturing ideas at a whiteboard

Matt Mitchell

Interaction Designer

My Passion

I love trying to make life better for people. As an interaction designer, my favorite projects involve carefully scrutinizing how users interact with my creations and optimizing the experience for them. I’m resourceful and I love solving problems. I’m always up for a challenge or the opportunity to learn a new tool.

My family jokes that I’m not just an interaction designer professionally; it’s my whole way of being. I actively find ways to make things more user-friendly for people, whether it’s improving my son’s car seat experience or redoing our neighbor’s pantry layout. When I’m not making high-fidelity mockups or brainstorming with engineers, you can find me hiking with my wife or iterating towards the perfect artisan bread.

My Journey

My passion for UX design began as a 10-year old, when I discovered Apple’s HyperCard application for the first time. I couldn’t get over how accessible and easy-to-use the software was—allowing even a child like myself to create programs and games. My excitement grew after being gifted a first-generation iPod; I was captivated by its scroll wheel paradigm for browsing a large song library. I was hooked by intuitive, clean user experience.

On the road to a college degree in advertising, I helped a volunteer organization in Chile revamp its internal reporting processes, eliminating common frustrations and miscommunications. I was amazed at how simple, easy-to-use solutions could significantly and sustainably help groups do good in the world.

I then worked for several companies to help make products more intuitive and user-friendly, and dealt with e-commerce store flows, video platforms, packaging, and general customer experience. While at UserTesting, I led the design of tools to help any company improve the design of its own products.

Sensing the need to have a more thorough framework to address complex design challenges, I pursued a Masters in Interaction Design at California College of the Arts. I am now finishing the program and looking to join a Bay Area tech company that values design and has a proven track record of creating transformative technologies.