Micro-Investing for Millennials

The app to hook millennials on investing.

Challenge: The goal of this project was to create a mobile financial product to encourage millennials to invest. The design brief asked that users be able to deposit spare change from purchases into their investment account.

Outcome: I created a high-fidelity prototype for “Spare Change,” an app focused on incentivizing micro-investing. Throughout the design, I emphasized playfulness, rewards, and the future value of today’s investment to hook users.

The finished prototype. All numbers and text are dynamic.
Play with the final Framer prototype.

Focus on the future Dots pour down each time an investment is made, representing investment and interest amounts. The projected value dominates the page, emphasizing how small investments grow to significant sums.

Dots representing money pour down
A list of credit card transactions
A chart showing the investment value over time

A visual language for investing My primary focus was to reward users for investing small amounts each day. I reinforced this principle visually: large, bold numbers set in Avenir Next, paired with small descriptive text, keep people focused on their investments’ growth. Users see the results of their actions immediately.

Color swatches and user interface elements used in the Spare Change app

Visualizing compound interest I created this visualization to help new investors understand compound interest. Dots represent investment and interest amounts and show how small amounts add up over time.

What is interest? During user testing, I learned that users need help to understand the relationship between a current investment and its future value. I designed an additional screen and dynamic animation to emphasize the impact each investment had on its future value.

A man tests the Spare Change app
A woman tests the Spare Change iPhone app

Early wireframes I experimented with a few gamification ideas for the app during the ideation phase (including a setup where users move down a path, or make upgrades to a dream home, as they reach certain investment milestones). I chose to focus on visualizing interest instead after getting user feedback.

Design progression Over the course of four iterations, the design went from cluttered to focused and bold.

Spare change app screenshot
Spare change app screenshot
Spare change app screenshot
Spare change app screenshot