UserTesting Website Redesign

From information architecture to final pixels, and everything in between.

Challenge: UserTesting’s business strategy shifted from a focus on small businesses to large enterprise customers, and it needed to restructure its website accordingly. I led the redesign of UserTesting’s website and its customers’ “logged in” experience on the site.

Outcome: With the help of engineers, enterprise customers and user testers, I designed a new site for UserTesting that launched February 2015. The redesign significantly drove up business: we saw a 120% conversion rate increase and a 129% increase in enterprise leads as a result.

Before & after As our business shifted to enterprise customers, we needed a website that would capture their attention. We first made small content changes to the existing site before deciding that a full redesign was needed.

UserTesting Homepage Before
UserTesting Homepage After

Homepage redesignDesigning the home page involved many steps: card sorting with enterprise customers to define the information architecture; rethinking menu structure; running usability tests with prospective customers; integrating feedback from marketing, sales and management teams; and defining the brand’s visual language.

Early wireframe
UserTesting Design Progression 1
Early site prototype
UserTesting Design Progression 2
Later site prototype
UserTesting Design Progression 3

Features page progression With so many stakeholders involved, I learned to focus the team’s attention on the structure and purpose of each page. I did this by keeping designs low-fidelity as long as possible until there was agreement.

Early wireframe
UserTesting Features Page Design Progression 1
Design iteration
UserTesting Features Page Design Progression 2
Another iteration
UserTesting Features Page Design Progression 3
Final page
UserTesting Features Page Design Progression 3

User onboarding flows Usability tests showed that new customers were confused with the interface they saw after creating an account. Using this feedback, I created a number of different flows and redesigns, incorporating elements of progressive disclosure, to improve the onboarding experience.

UserTesting On-boarding Flow

Another onboarding flowBy using low-fidelity thumbnails of each page, I kept the team’s focus on the user’s journey, not on the minor design details of each page.

UserTesting On-boarding Flow 3